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Akoustis™ has developed a proprietary and patent-pending wafer-based technology, known as Bulk ONE™, which utilizes its novel single crystal materials. The process integrates single crystal resonators with wafer-level packaging to achieve a compact and high-performance acoustic wave filter solution.

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Ciao Wireless

  • RF & Microwave Amplifiers
  • Octave and Half Octave Amplifiers
  • Radar and Communication Amplifiers
  • Broadband and Multi-Octave Amplifiers
  • Ultra Broadband Amplifiers
  • Low Noise, 200/500 MHz Bandwidth Amplifiers
  • Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Limiting Amplifiers
  • KA Band Amplifiers

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Exodus Dynamics
Exodus Dynamics is a world leader in design and manufacturing of Microwave & mm-wave components and RF sub assemblies for aerospace, industrial, defense, telecom, and government use. Microwave & mm-wave Phase Locked Oscillators, Synthesizers, Amplifiers, Multipliers and Frequency Converters. Quality 100% U.S.A. made High-Precision Microwave and Millimeter Wave components.

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EWT Filters builds RF Filter,Duplexers,Multiplexers and Integrated Assemblies up to 50 GHz.


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Guerrilla RF
High Performance RF and Microwave IC Products with Superior Broadband & Linearity Performance for Wireless Backhaul, Enterprise/Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Access Points, and Small Cell.

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M Wave Design was established in 1988 as a custom waveguide Isolator design and manufacturing company. Over the years we have designed for exacting DOD/ military, space flight, and medical ferrite product applications as well as our commercial adapter lines. We provide state of the art passive component solutions from 100 MHz to 65 GHz. With our core competency in Low Loss and High Power Isolators and Circulators in both coaxial and waveguide interfaces, we can supply cutting edge passive microwave products to make your system more efficient.

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Marki Microwave specializes in high performance broadband components for the electronic warfare and test and measurement markets. Marki components are available in surface mount, bare die/chip, carrier, and connectorized packages with frequency coverage from kHz to 67 GHz.

Components include:

  • Amplifiers
  • Mixers
  • Power Dividers and Combiners
  • Directional and Bidirectional Couplers
  • Baluns
  • Bias Tees
  • Diplexers/Filters

Marki offers the highest performance available for each product category, with unique custom capabilities for difficult electrical specs.

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Meca Electronics, Inc. is a manufacturer of quality passive coaxial microwave and RF components. Our current product line includes fixed attenuators and terminations, high power single and dual directional couplers and power dividers.

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MDL (Microwave Development Laboratories) — MDL designs and manufactures standard and complex waveguide components from 2.6 to 50 GHz (WR284 to WR22). If there are new designs, production requirements or technical questions we are here to provide support.

MDL Waveguide Components:

  • Assemblies and Custom Solutions
  • Rotary Switches, W/G and Coax Rotary Joints
  • Waveguide to Coax Adapters, Power Dividers, Directional Couplers
  • Bends, Twists, Hybrids & Magic Tees/Transducers, Flanges, Attenuators
  • Mono-Pulse Comparators, Phase Shifters, Waveguide Pressure Windows

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NEL Frequency Controls
NEL Frequency Controls designs and manufacture ultra low phase noise ocxo, tcxo, vcxo, xo products. Small form factors available. Dual Use/ COTS.

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Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI), is a manufacturer and distributor of high-performance RF/Microwave passive components, and serves the Medical, Semiconductor, Military, Broadcast and Telecommunications Industries. We specialize in High-Q / Low ESR /ESL Capacitors, Non-Magnetic Resistors, and Trimmers.
High-Q/Low ESR Capacitors are available in multiple case sizes, dielectrics and various terminations, which include ROHS compliant and Non-Magnetic finishes.

Non-Magnetic Resistors are offered in the following case sizes and power ratings: 0603 (1/10W), 0805 (1/8W), and 1206 (1/4W). All are available in with 1%, 2% or 5% tolerances and RoHS compliant terminations.
Trimmers: Low profile, surface mountable trimmers are produced for durability and low dielectric loss, allowing for reflow soldering.
Hi Q/Low ESR Design Kits: With over 30 kits available in stock, we are sure to meet your prototyping requirements. Available in 0201, 0402, 0505, 0603, 0805 and 1111 case sizes.

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Rosenberger offers a full line of standard coaxial connectors & adapters, precision connectors & adapters, calibration kits, test fixtures, and fiber optic cable and connectors. Optimum Impedance Matching for Surface Mount RF Connectors.

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Tagore Technology is pioneering GaN on Silicon process enabling high RF power at sensitive price points with integrated IC solutions from 10 MHz to 6 GHz. Markets include wireless infrastructure, TETRA/Land Mobile Radio, military and other wireless radios. Tagore offers a range of switches from 10W to 100W average powers that can also handle the peak powers (up to 480W) needed by high Peak to Average Ratios in modern modulation schemes. Fully integrated switches operate from 2.7V min to 5.25V max and do not require any external negative voltages or external passive components. All switches are provided in standard QFN packages. Tagore switches reduce board area and power consumption by 10X compared to traditional PIN diode switch solutions.

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Tellurian Technologies, Inc. has been an innovator in the Frequency Control industry for over 22 years. Founded in 1994, Tellurian has become a worldwide quality supplier of quartz crystals, clock oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, VCTCXO and oven oscillators and crystal filters.